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Flash Vos Inc Innovating virtualization technology
To achieve our vision, we have formed an organization enlisting individuals and institutions that share our vision. The FlashVOS Management Team consists of a group of individuals with a proven track record and experience to lead the innovation, design, development, and marketing of products to meet this challenging mission.

Today Flash Vos continues to innovate and enforce it's intellectual property and provide dedicated consulting to clients.
We strive to create the technology that will revitalize the existing and future computer industry.
Our virtualization technologybrings a number of advantages
01Reduced cost
02Easier Management
03Rapid Deployment
04Unrestricted OS control
05Improved Security
In 1997, Flash Vos, Inc. (FVOS) was formed by leading technology pioneers to address massive commodity computing requirements of the global applications resulting from wide-area networking propagation and in particular the Internet. The result of this can be found in our patents:
Flash Vos Patents
US 6401183OS Independent Storage
A Storage Manager that dynamically manipulates and partitions the secondary storage of a computer device without re-writing or revising the secondary storage after each manipulation. The Storage Manager is represented by executable code between the firmware level and the run time operating system and application program level of a computer device.
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US 6690400Super OS GUI
US 7356677Super OS Fast Switching
CN 100468344Super OS Communication Methods
CN 101373441Firmware Based Virtualization platform
CN 101419560OS Switching Based on EFI
CN 101825994Firmware based FMAS Management Independent of OS
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